Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Stop Havana Mambo Twist from Unraveling!!

This Video will show you how to Stop Havana Mambo Twist from Unraveling.
I have not used this hair yet myself I only used it on my Client.
She didn't have problems with it unraveling But I am
going to burn a few ends just incase.
I am going to do a Experiment; I will burn 2 packs
and not the rest just to see how it go.
Bc Sometimes when you burn the ends of hair it
can make the hair stick to sweaters and jackets.
So please do one to 2 packs to see how it go before
you do it all.
This hair is Really hard to Find; you can try online
or at Your Local Beauty supply store.

Here is Another Hair you Can Purchase which is Similar:

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