Monday, January 18, 2016

3 Strand Twist Out Result!! | A'Kiyia Method

These are My Results of My 3 Strand twist I done.
I wanted to Show Everyone the Twist Out Results bc some people
were Requesting to see the Result.
So Here they are! :-)
This was a New Method I Came up with on How to Do
3 Strand Twist. I kept watching how to Videos on how to
do them and they were so Confusing!
So I Decided to Come up with my Own Method!
My Method is so Easy and the Results are Still the Same.
Have YOU been Wanting to Learn How to Do 3 Strand Twist?
If Your Answer is Yes Check Out My Video.
You will be so Glad you Did!! :-)

3 Strand Twist Out Result!! | A'Kiyia Method

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